New ideas for Carrara and its marble

International idea competition on new technologies to enhance marble products in a sustainable way

Submission of applications EXTENDED to June 15, 2022

The Competition is part of the new philosophy to  improve the area of Carrara and its resources, which places the human person, the environment and its history at the center, in search for a progressive recovery of the integrity of the Apuane Alps in the context of sustainable and supportive growth.
An important step is represented by the shift of the current marble mining activity towards circular economy, and where safety of the workplace, environmental protection and recovery and the entire cycle of the extracted materials are valued, to be considered entirely as an economic and social resource.

How the competition works

Participants must present their innovative business ideas through a summary document and subsequently a business plan, drawn up according to the procedures indicated in point 5 of the Rules.
The competition is divided into two phases, a final goal (the award ceremony), and an introduction to lenders and companies in the marble sector aimed at creating qualified partnerships for the development of projects.

PHASE 1 / The business idea – Summary document

To participate in the “New Ideas for Carrara and its Marble” competition it is necessary to submit by June 15, 2022 an original business idea, regardless of its stage of development, which will have an innovative content consistent with the subject of the competition, to be realized through a company having its registered office in the territory of the Province of Massa Carrara.

The business idea must be illustrated through a summary document (to be sent at the same time as the registration procedure, drawn up according to the specifications indicated in point 5 of the Regulation), relating to one of the following categories:

  • Materials technology: Innovative applications of material technologies to allow a sustainable use of marble derivatives.
  • Engineering works: Transforming the material by enhancing its structural characteristics for innovative circular and/or engineering uses.
  • Design & Architecture: A creative challenge for a new metamorphosis of the natural stone in the new digital and circular world.

PHASE 2 / Business Plan

The business ideas submitted deemed suitable by the examining Operational Committee, possibly also following the examination of any further information required, will enter the second phase of the competition, which will start on August 15, 2022.

The selected participants will receive the notification of admission to the second phase and will be required to submit a Business Plan by October 15, 2022 containing the items specified in point 5 of the Regulations.

The final ranking will be drawn up on the basis of a comparative assessment conducted by the members of the examining Operational Committee on the basis of the following parameters:

  • completeness of the information requested;
  • originality of the business idea;
  • market analysis;
  • competition analysis;
  • business development potential;
  • economic and environmental sustainability of the project;
  • contribution to the increase in the circularity of the derivatives sector of marble;
  • industrial feasibility;
  • composition of the management team;
  • speed of business launch.

All selected participants will be provided with the opportunity for an interview with investors and companies in the marble sector aimed at developing and supporting these new business initiatives in the territories of the Province of Massa-Carrara.

Participants who have presented the best business plans for each of the competition categories will be awarded a prize of € 20,000 each.

PHASE 3 / Award

The awards ceremony will be held at the end of the second phase, by December 15, 2022.

Who is the call for?

Participants are asked to present and develop innovative ideas aimed at enhancing the entire cycle of Carrara marble with a view to circular economy and maximum enhancement of the territory and its human, environmental and entrepreneurial resources to identify new technologies for the enhancement of marble derivatives.

All interested parties can participate, in particular start-ups, professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, research institutions, spin-offs and universities.

Start-ups registered in the Business Register Innovative start-ups (only for Italian ones), established no more than 24 months before the date of publication of this call

Aspiring entrepreneurs, individuals who undertake to establish their future new innovative entrepreneurial activity in the Province of Massa-Carrara.

New entrepreneurs who have already started, individually or in a company with other natural and / or legal persons, a business with headquarters or at least an operational headquarters in the Province of Massa-Carrara and established no more than 24 months before the date of publication of this announcement.

Research bodies and university spin-offs, which undertake to establish their own future new innovative entrepreneurial activity in the Province of Massa-Carrara.

Competition's Regulation

All the details on the call are available in the regulation.

Register for the competition

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Who we are

The competition “NEW IDEAS FOR CARRARA AND ITS MARBLE” is promoted by the “CARRARA 2030” association established with the aim of promoting and enhancing the research and production activity of the entrepreneurial realities of the Apulo-Versiliese stone sector and the marble from the Apuan district, in Italy and in the world. This is thanks to the development of new technologies that favor the ecological transition of mining activities. The association promotes initiatives for the dissemination of the culture of marble research and production activities, of the mineral resources of the Apulo-Versiliese district and their production in a sustainable way for the environment and provides qualified information through communication programs to institutional interlocutors, civil society and the media, counteracting disinformation, speculation and the dissemination of false news. Finally, the association promotes research, studies, publications, debates, conferences and international competitions on issues of particular strategic importance for the stone sector of the Apulo-Versilian district.

The Governance

The governance of the association consists of three bodies: a) the Assembly of Members; b) the Board of Directors; c) the President. The Assembly can appoint an Auditor and Operational Committees.

1. The Assembly of Members

The assembly is the sovereign body that directs all the activities of the association, approves the general lines of the activity program and the budget and elects the Board of Directors and the Operational Committees. 

The supporting members who have the right to participate and vote at the assemblies are:

Bettogli Marmi S.r.l.
VF Marmi S.r.l.
Cave di Sponda S.r.l.
Società per azioni Guglielmo Vennai
Escavazione Marmi Campanili S.r.l.

Gemignani e Vanelli Marmi S.r.l.
Guido M. Fabbricotti fu B. successori S.r.l.
Società Apuana Marmi S.r.l.
GMC S.p.A.

2. The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the Assembly and is the executive body with all the powers of administration to oversee the execution of the Assembly’s resolutions, draw up activity programs, social strategies and budgets.

The Board of Directors is chaired by the President. The members of the Board of Directors are:

Mirella Vanelli
Fortunato Barra
Manrico Gemignani
Mario Rossi
Erich Franco Lucchetti

3. The President

The President is the legal representative of the Association, takes care of the implementation of the resolutions of the Assembly and the Council and coordinates the activities of the Assembly, the Council and the Association in general.

The President is:

Mirella Vanelli

Association Carrara 2030

Address: Largo XXV Aprile, 8, 54033 Carrara MS
Phone.: 06 8088244